A Blog by Gary LaPierre

The Mayor of Toronto says he feels like a thousand pounds has been lifted off his shoulders.   Now if he takes a look from his neck down, he’ll find another 400 lbs that oughta be lifted and even if that happens, he’s still going to end up with a useless pile of crap.    He’s a drunk and a crackhead druggie and this ego-maniacal Mayor of the 4th largest city in North America still thinks he should finish out his term and run for the office again in a year.   Did you see this blubberous meat-head try to flush up a couple of tears during his apology?    He couldn’t do it, couldn’t produce a single drop, but still he thinks the stupid voters in Toronto should forgive him and let him serve as their Chief Executive Officer.    I’m not sure it will,  but I hope that won’t happen.    He’s a self-confessed criminal…..hard-core drug using criminal.   “I sincerely, sincerely, sincerely…..apologize.”    Pass the ipecac please!!!

Okay……while we’re talking criminals and thugs, how ’bout a couple of thoughts about the NFL.   Does everyone find it as difficult as I to accept the bullying charges in the Miami Dolphins locker-room?    No question at all, Incognito is an idiot and should be banished from the game FOREVER.  Not unlike the Patriots picking up the murderous Aaron Hernandez, hiring Incognito in the first place was an outrageous injustice against the game and humanity itself.    They are both thugs……violent, obnoxious and clearly dangerous thugs…and were from day one….but when you tell me a 320-lb lineman on the same team left the game because he was being bullied……give me a break!!    Skinny little kids in school…..geeky pre-pubescent school kids are bullied and its egregious, but when you tell me a 300-plus-pound lineman is being bullied, cut the crap.    It’s a lot bigger than that, the managers had to know what was going on, and when the Incognito teammates defend him saying “he’s just a wild and crazy guy”, they too should be banned from the game.   Accused MURDERER Hernandez will never see the outside again….nor should he.   Incognito will be on the outside because he’s just a bully, and to be honest with you, let’s make sure the Patriots don’t pick him up because trust me, Kraft and Belichick are capable of making that kind of dumb move if they thought he could help ’em win.   They knew what Hernandez was before they paid him millions, but it didn’t matter.  They’d do it again!!