By Karen Anderson, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – An I-Team investigation reveals allegations that a high-profile lawyer running for public office has a disturbing past.

The I-Team has the police reports and an exclusive interview all coming to light for the first time.

Kevin Marr says he will never forget Robert LeBlanc. Marr says, “I don’t think a person like him should be in a position of power.”

LeBlanc is an attorney, a former town manager, a lawyer for the state Democratic Party and he’s now running for City Council in Methuen.

But to Kevin Marr, LeBlanc is a man he says stalked him and propositioned him at his job when Marr was a high school senior in 2005.

Marr says, “He asked me if I wanted a massage and I was like absolutely not, it’s totally inappropriate.”

Marr says LeBlanc gave him a slip of paper with his name and phone number. He explains, “He gave that to me and told me to call him if I changed my mind.”

Marr says LeBlanc only stopped harassing him after he filed a police report. Marr’s high school also sent a no trespassing letter to LeBlanc ordering him to stay away from the school or face arrest. The letter was sent after Marr told school officials he’d seen LeBlanc at his school, apparently there for a meeting.

“I was nervous, yes, I was nervous,” Marr recalls.

LeBlanc also received a no trespassing letter from Barnes and Noble, ordering him to never set foot in any of their stores.

That no trespassing letter came two years after a police report in 2000. A male customer at Barnes & Noble told police LeBlanc followed him into the men’s room “… And while [the customer] was in the stall, LeBlanc stood in front of the urinal and allegedly [touched himself inappropriately].” (Continued…)

The customer said he “… Didn’t actually see [it] but that he knows what it sounds like.” The police spoke with LeBlanc and ” … Determined that no violation occurred.”

We asked Robert LeBlanc about all the incidents and no trespassing letters.

He told us, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” We asked LeBlanc, “How about this letter here that says you’re banned from the Greater Lawrence Technical School?” LeBlanc responded, “I’ve never seen that before.”

We pointed out it was addressed to him and LeBlanc said, “That’s not my address.”

Actually that was the address of LeBlanc’s law office at the time and a sign still stands outside.

LeBlanc told a local newspaper all he could remember about Barnes & Noble was an unpleasant encounter with a store manager after he fell asleep reading and was heard snoring.

We brought the police reports and no trespassing letters to Wendy Murphy, a former prosecutor who specializes in child abuse and sex crimes cases, and asked for her reaction.

Murphy said, “I think it’s really offensive that a man with this background would be arrogant enough to think he deserves a position of trust.”

LeBlanc’s lawyer told the I-Team his client is not the man described in any of the police reports. He produced a travel itinerary which he says shows LeBlanc was out of state on one of the days Marr says LeBlanc was stalking him.

But there is police report of another alleged incident of LeBlanc stalking Marr. It states police confronted LeBlanc and identified him “… By his MA license as Mr. LeBlanc.”

We showed Kevin Marr our video of LeBlanc and asked him, “Is there any doubt that is the same person?” Marr responded, “No, that is 100% the person.”

We told Kevin Marr that LeBlanc says this never happened and we have the wrong person. “I think he’s an absolute liar,” Marr says.

LeBlanc has not been charged with any crimes as a result of these allegations.


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