BOSTON (CBS) – New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is stepping in to help struggling students make it to college.

A transitional program at Brandeis University takes underprivileged kids and gives them a chance at higher education. Kraft is making sure his wife’s legacy will help the program live on.

Sekou Caba, a teenager from East Orange, New Jersey, was among the students invited to Kraft’s house Tuesday night.

Robert and Jonathan Kraft unveil a portrait of Myra Kraft. (WBZ-TV photo)

Robert and Jonathan Kraft unveil a portrait of Myra Kraft. (WBZ-TV photo)

“Before, I lived in a tough neighborhood and every year I’d see a friend who would pass away,” said Caba.

Now he’s getting the chance of a lifetime, attending the program at Brandeis.

The students spent the evening at Robert Kraft’s house to celebrate the program which is now called “The Myra Kraft Transitional Year Program.” The program accepts 20 students every year to prepare them for college.

“Rather than have buildings, this is something that really would have appealed to her, helping those most in need of help,” Kraft said.

And these students know this program is life changing.

“This opportunity is amazing, it’s huge, it’s like the biggest life changing experience I’ve encountered,” said Caba.

“Getting the opportunity to be in this program, at a really nice university, means the world to me,” said Suzy Correia.

The students also got a personal pep talk from quarterback Tom Brady.

“You guys are the leaders of tomorrow and you will be leading little boys like this and my little girl,” Brady told the students as he held his son. “We are lucky to recognize you tonight.”

Mr. Kraft knows the program will make a difference both now and in the future.

“All these young people really appreciate they are getting a chance in this transitional year to have a college program that will serve them for life,” Kraft said.

Myra Kraft went to Brandeis and was on the Board of Trustees. Robert Kraft told the students a story that on their first date, Myra proposed to him in the parking lot of the school.


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