By Meteorologist Joe Joyce, WBZ-TV

Welcome to Fall! Officially the Autumnal Equinox was 4:44 PM as the sunshine directly over the Equator warming the Northern and Southern Hemispheres equally…with equal amount of daylight and night. It’s a wonderful time of year for weather, apple picking and fall festivals, ect…but I am officially depressed. I love summer so much and it is such a long road to get back there. It is all downhill from here…literally! But I do not want to rain on the parade of all of you fall lovers. Another gorgeous week of weather is ahead with still so much beauty to enjoy and take advantage of before the real cold arrives.

Many areas in western New England picked up close to an 1″ of rain during the early morning hours with embedded storms. Across Eastern MA, it was more a .25-50″ rainstorm which pushed through early. Once the front pushed through, falling humidity & sunshine with warming westerly winds spiked temps into the Lwr 70’s in many spots this afternoon. Skies will be clearing and temps becoming much cooler with a breeze from the NW overnight with lows falling into the 40’s. A pool of cooler air will be crossing through New England along with an upper low which will stall over the Canadian Maritimes for the week ahead. A piece of energy in east of Bermuda with merge with the front off the coast and this Upper low to help to strengthen the upper low through the midweek with a blocking pattern in place.

The Upper low stalled over the maritimes will be just far enough away, so winds will remain persistent from the NW all week providing a dry stable airmass which will help to keeps temps seasonally cool for this time of year through Wednesday. Cool clear overnights to start the week in the Lwr 40’s, Cool sunny days in the 60’s. A few diurnal clouds will try to form each day with daytime heating and the cooler air aloft. This pattern will hold for much of the week with dry sunny weather into next weekend. The upper low will be pulling away for the end of the week with weak upper level ridging following in for next weekend with moderating temps and a more seasonal airmass with temps in the Lwr-mid 70’s by next Sunday.

It is a dandy of a week ahead! Enjoy! I will be splitting wood and preparing for another cold harsh winter ahead. Hooray. The sense of impending doom never escapes me in fall. I see death all around me. I know exactly what this means. It’s OK…next up will be those who romanticize snow. I have heard it all before. It does not make me feel any better about losing my good old pal summer. But there is only one way to make it in New England….love it all…and that I do…just some more than others!


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