It’s an Agenda Free Friday and Felger and Massarotti are broadcasting from the Ace Ticket Studio in Kenmore Square. The guys opened up discussing the Boston Red Sox, last night’s playoff clinching 3-1 win over the Baltimore Orioles, and John Lackey’s performance in the win. Lackey pitched a 2-hitter, striking out eight in the Sox playoff clinching win. Now that the Sox have clinched a playoff spot, how should the Sox set up the starting rotation? Jerry Thornton of Barstool Sports joined Felger and Mazz to discuss the Patriots game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday. Will Rob Gronkowski play this Sunday?

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In Hour 2, Felger and Mazz continue to discuss the Sox in the playoffs and how they should lay out their starting rotation. After the way he has performed this season, does Lackey deserve to be forgiven for past struggles? New England Patriots radio play-by-play announcer Bob Socci joined Felger and Mazz to discuss Sunday’s Patriots game against the Buccaneers. The Los Angeles Dodgers clinched a playoff spot last night with a win over the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Dodgers celebrated the playoff berth by swimming in the Diamondback pool. Do the Diamondbacks have the right to be upset?

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During Hour 3 of Felger and Massarotti, Chris Gasper of the Boston Globe joined the guys to continue the discussion on the playoff bound Red Sox. The Sox Magic Number to clinch the AL East is at 1. Should John Lackey be forgiven for his past struggles? Switching gears to the Pats, will Danny Amendola play this weekend? Can they Pats fix their offense? Finally, do the Buccaneers pose a threat to the Patriots?

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In the fourth and final hour of an Agenda Free Friday, Felger and Mazz take calls on everything they discussed today. What should the Sox play pitching rotation be? Also, are some of the recent rule changes made good for the NHL? To wrap up the week, we hear from Squeaky Beetle and Mad Mike in the Final Word with Marc Bertrand.

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