BOSTON (CBS) – New details were revealed Wednesday about a drug overdose death at the House of Blues on Lansdowne Street last week.

Three people overdosed at the club, possibly on the club drug “Molly,” on August 27.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports

One of the three, Brittany Flannigan, 19, of Derry, New Hampshire, died.

Brittany Flannigan was a student at Plymouth State. (Credit: Family Photo)

Brittany Flannigan was a student at Plymouth State. (Credit: Family Photo)

The club owners were called to testify at a Licensing Board hearing Wednesday as part of the city’s effort to crack down on “Molly,” which is made from the active ingredient in ecstasy.

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Boston Police Superintendent William Evans testified that all three people who overdosed purchased the drugs and took them before they went into the club. Evans said police know where the drugs came from and the dealers could face serious charges.

Flannigan was completely unresponsive and convulsing on the floor, according to a House of Blues security worker.

Police said a “small pack of white powder” was found in Flannigan’s bra.

Last weekend, two other people survived overdoses during a concert at the Bank of America Pavillion.

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Evans said the small pills are very difficult to detect in security pat downs. He added that kids need to take responsibility for their actions and that colleges should help spread the message about the dangers of “Molly.”

As for changes at the House of Blues, the board took the matter under advisement.

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