By Bill Shields, WBZ-TVBy Bill Shields

BOSTON (CBS) — For many of us in Eastern Massachusetts, Wednesday is still spaghetti day.

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That iconic commercial from Prince Spaghetti that made Wednesday special is coming back.

“We wanted to pay homage to the family tradition that is the North End of Boston,” said New World Pasta boss Dave Heinbecker.

If you remember the commercial that ran 44 years ago, it started with a mother named Mary, leaning out her window in the North End, and calling her son home for dinner.

“Anthony!” became the cry for pasta dinner.

Now, the spaghetti company has reinvented the commercial, blending black and white with the new North End.

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It shows a young man, dressed from the early 70’s, running through the North End streets, to get home for dinner.

But they’re actors.

Still, the original “Mary” lives in the North End.

And Carla and Christine Pellotta grew up next door to her.

“She was very traditional, very family-oriented,” said Carla Pellotta, “once when she heard my sister use a vulgar word, it ended with her getting her mouth washed out with soap!”

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The Prince Spaghetti Company is now 100 years old, that’s the reason for creating a new commercial, featuring the vintage look of that time 44 years ago.

Bill Shields