BOSTON (CBS) — Fridays on Felger & Mazz are typically reserved as “Agenda-Free Fridays,” but for a brief moment this week, it could have been called Jerry Thornton vs. Dan Shaughnessy and Ron Borges.

Thornton, the Barstool Sports Patriots writer, confronted Shaughnessy on what seemed like a decade’s worth of grievances acquired over the years. The two mostly made nice, but not before Thornton said what he felt necessary.

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The guys then moved on to discuss the Rolling Stone article on Aaron Hernandez.

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“For openers, whatever credibility it had went out in about the 10th word when it said, ‘With Ron Borges,'” Thornton said. “It’s not as if Borges doesn’t have sources and he’s not a good reporter on certain topics, but the one thing he is uniquely unqualified to comment on is Bill Belichick and Mr. Kraft. He’s a blatant, biased, anti-Patriots jihadist and he has been for years. So whatever in there might have been factually accurate kind of went out the window as soon as his name was attached to it.”

Shaughnessy and Thornton later went back and forth about Belichick and the way he treats the media.

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