BOSTON (CBS) – We’re getting a new, behind the scenes look at the capture of accused Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Boston Magazine is publishing more photos taken by State Police Sgt. Sean Murphy who was punished for giving his pictures to the magazine without permission.

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We had never seen a day like April 19.

Law enforcement descended on Watertown searching for Tsarnaev, and virtually shut down Boston and surrounding communities.

As federal, state and local authorities huddled in a mobile command post, Sgt. Murphy, a state police photographer, was documenting the unfolding drama.

One photo shows Mayor Menino discussing the situation with the FBI, another shows Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis staying in communication with the field.

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But for what seemed like an eternity that day, it looked like Tsarnaev had disappeared.

But when Gov. Patrick lifted the “stay indoors” order, a Watertown homeowner went outside, and discovered Tsarnaev hiding in his boat.

The newly released series of photos show Tsarnaev emerging from the boat. Badly wounded and bleeding, Tsarnaev slumps on the torn boat cover. As SWAT teams surround him he seems to slide part of the way down, and pulls up his shirt showing he has no explosives or other weapons. He drops from the boat while heavily armed troopers move in and take him down. Medics immediately move in and administer first aid, probably saving his life.

Murphy gave the photos to Boston Magazine to protest a cover picture in Rolling Stone of Tsarnaev that Murphy felt glorified the young man.

Because he was not authorized to release the photographs, Murphy was suspended for a day, and has been transferred to the State Police barracks in Athol, working the overnight shift.

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