By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Scott Brown, thinking of running for president?

Or, at least, as he told the Herald, “curious” about whether or not there’s national GOP interest in “a bi-partisan problem solver”?

Hey, why not?

It’s everyone’s right to aspire to something bigger. And in Massachusetts at least, it seems like every elected official from alderman on up fancies themselves taking the oath in a fancy overcoat outside the Capitol.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

And Brown can plausibly argue – to himself, at least – that he’s adequately qualified to float the idea of running. He has more legislative experience now than the current president had when he ran.

His name recognition is likely comparable with other GOP contenders. He can eat a corn dog at the Iowa state fair and pretend he likes it as well or better than any other wanna-be.

And after all, lightning struck him once in 2010 when he won the Kennedy…um, the people’s seat.

Couldn’t it happen twice?

It could. But here’s why it probably won’t.

We’re less than 2 ½ years away from the New Hampshire primary. Mitt Romney spent four years building the party contacts and organizational resources needed to run for president in 2008, and every waking minute after that to prepare for 2012.

Not only does Scott Brown not have all that, he’s actively detested by quite a few movement conservatives who believe he betrayed them with some of his votes in the Senate. They didn’t back him last year against Elizabeth Warren; why would they do so now?

And my guess is there aren’t all that many Republican activists who are looking for a “bi-partisan problem solver.”

These people, like their Democratic counterparts, prefer a red meat diet.

But by all means, Senator Brown, go for it!

What better way to heighten your personal brand profile.

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Jon Keller

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