Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich on Thursday to discuss the Sox team and the amount of good chemistry they seem to have in that club house.

The Red Sox had a day off in Toronto on Monday before their series with the Blue Jays started on Tuesday. Dustin Pedroia, Jonny Gomes and Jarrod Saltalamacchia got together and headed to the Rogers Centre to watch the A’s play the Blue Jays in a matinee.

There was a lot made out of this day off outing. Why did they decide to take in the game? Is it just an overall love of the game by some of these guys?

The Red Sox signed Dempster to a two-year contract worth $26.5 million after the 2012 season when he entered free agency. When he saw the roster and makeup of this team did he think that they would be enjoying the success that they are right now?

“Yeah, we talked about it from the beginning of spring training and I think you have to have that kind of attitude.”

They discussed what it’s like playing for manager John Farrell, a former starting pitcher and former pitching coach. Is it different playing for a manager who is able to really understand the position a pitcher is in due to that fact that he’s been there before?

“I think he has a really good understanding as far as what pitchers are feeling and what they’re thinking, but he’s done a great job at manager just letting us play and having that confidence in us.”

They also discussed the past few weeks where the teams has had to grind out wins and battle back to win games. It’s fun for fans to watch, but must be exhausting for the players after a long period of time?

“Those build character and they also instill and kind of reaffirm in your head that, hey no matter what the situation is if we just keep to our game plan and not try to do too much and we could end up coming back from any deficit.”


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