BOSTON (CBS) – After more than thirty hours deliberating, the jury was finally able to reach a verdict in James “Whitey” Bulger’s trial.  The decision was split, with Bulger being found guilty of eleven of the nineteen murders that the prosecution presented.  Tune in to get all the latest information on the findings and what it will mean going forward.  Dan will be joined by WBZ Reporter Lana Jones, who was in the courtroom every step of the way.  Also, Dan will talk with Bob Long, one of the key investigators who nearly brought down Whitey thirty years ago, only to have rogue FBI agent John Connolly tip off the mobster.  Then it’s your turn!  Call in and give us your thoughts and reactions!  Are you surprised by the jury’s findings?  Were you disappointed Bulger didn’t take the stand?  What were your biggest takeaways from the whole Hollywood-esque story that unfolded throughout the last few decades?  Do you feel this finally provides some closure? 

Originally broadcast August 12th, 2013.

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