BOSTON (CBS) – My vacation is over, but the president’s week off on the Vineyard is just beginning, and I want to add my voice to those welcoming him and his family to our state.

Mr. President, in the ancient blessing of the New England shore vacationer, may your drives stay in the fairway, and may all your clams be whole bellies.

But now that I have your attention sir, since your press secretary insists you’re never really off-duty, even on vacation, I’m sure you won’t mind if I try to talk a little business with you.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

Mr. President, we’ve been good to you here in Massachusetts. And now we need your help.

Things haven’t been going so great lately with our economy, and one of the reasons why are the cuts in federal spending on defense and medical research, two financial streams we rely on heavily.

We hear you out around the country talking about addressing the economic plight of the middle class; the best thing you could do to help it right here would be to redouble your efforts to work out a budget deal that would end the sequester.

Sorry, “the Republicans won’t let me” is a poor excuse that only the most rank partisans buy.

And as you’re well aware by now, even your strongest supporters here are very upset about the damage the arcane regulations of the federal health care reform are doing and will do in the future to our health care system.

If the Massachusetts reform was truly the model for what you’re doing in DC, why are you letting your model undercut our model?

Mr. President, enjoy your vacation. But when you leave, along with the tip on the dresser for the help, how about leaving us with some relief from these drags on our economy, and some hope for more to come?

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