By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV

CHILMARK (CBS) — President Obama and the first lady have arrived Saturday afternoon on Martha’s Vineyard, and their vacation has begun.

Photos: Obama Family Vacation Home

So far, there’s been no sign of their two daughters, Sasha and Malia, who are said to be arriving later.

Handmade signs in many spots are up welcoming the Obamas.

After landing on the island, the president’s motorcade was met by onlookers lining the route to their vacation spot. Some had been waiting a long time.

“It was definitely worth the wait,” one young woman said.

The Obamas have rented a multimillion dollar home in Chilmark. Two people familiar with the house tell WBZ-TV it is about 5000 square feet and overlooks Chilmark Pond.

It is secluded and posh.

The home sits on a private drive and the main road leading up to the house is blocked. Detours are up and not everyone is thrilled. The Obamas had stayed at the 28-acre Blue Heron Farm in Chilmark for previous Martha’s Vineyard vacations, but the property has changed hands since the last time the first family was on the island.

In Photos: The first family’s vacation home on Martha’s Vineyard

“Not very excited,” Chilmark resident Nancy Rossman said. “The president deserves a vacation but this year it seems more intrusive than previous times.”

There was excitement at C’est La Vie, a boutique in Oak Bluffs where owner Roger Schilling is selling Mr. and Mrs. Obama hats and shirts. The Obama merchandise is turning a profit.

“It’s selling very well,” Schilling said.

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