BOSTON (CBS) – Today we’ll focus on your car and driving.

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#88 Fuel Up With Apps: Find cheap gas nearby. Use Gas Buddy and Gas Guru.

Dee: Both apps are free and you can use Gas Buddy with your home computer as well. Gas Guru will provide directions and nearby attractions like a restaurant, a coffee shop or ATM if you want to make it a multi-purpose trip. But I am not convinced that driving around is good idea for finding the cheapest gas.

#89 Tip The Nozzle: When you’ve finished filling your gas tank and the pump has shut off, invert the pump nozzle 180 degrees while it’s still in the fill hole. There’s an extra ounce or two of gasoline in there.

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Dee: You have paid for the gas so it yours. But if you don’t do it I am not so sure the thrift gods will slap your wrists. It reminds me of Grammy Grace taking apart the frozen pea box because she was sure I had left a few peas behind when I emptied out the box.

#90 Car Window Thrift: Keep your windows closed when driving over 55 miles per hour on the highway. In stop and go traffic, save gas by opening the windows and turning off the air conditioning.

Dee: While driving at high speeds open windows can reduce your gas mileage by as much as 10 percent. So turn on your AC.

As for stop and go traffic I don’t think opening and closing the windows is a practical idea. If you have kids in the car they think it’s time to play with the window button. And if you are concerned about pollen or if the air quality is bad it will be made worse by stop and go traffic.

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We did not cover all 99 ways to save from the AARP Bulletin. For more, check out the article online. Lots of small ways to save add up to big savings. And being thrifty becomes a lifestyle change.