By Jonathan Elias, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) — It was a people watchers parade of super heroes, villains and video game characters, all of them getting excited about this weekend’s Comic Con in Boston.

Photos: Boston Comic Con Parade

There were costumes galore.

“We put in over 70 man hours into this outfit and $1,500 just to make the suit the way it is,” says Mark Sylvia, dressed head to toe in what looks like armor.

It was the first ever pre-Comic Con costume contest at Faneuil Hall Wednesday.

“It’s fun to feel like someone else for a day,” says another costumed character.

About 25 people turned out for a chance to win gift certificates and t-shirts, but mostly just for the fun of it.

“It wastes a lot of my time making costumes and putting on makeup, and it makes me feel pretty, it’s so exciting,” says a woman dressed as Rogue from XMen Revolution.

It was a great preview of the much larger Comic Con which opens on Saturday, where thousands are expected.

“Ten years ago, collecting comics and reading comics was synonymous with being a nerd. Now nerd is like a symbol of pride and everyone wants to be a nerd,” says Nick Kanieff, one of the organizers of Boston Comic Con.

After parading around Quincy Market, to the delight of tourists and Bostonians alike, the moment of truth as the first place costume was chosen, the honor going to Mark Sylvia, dressed as a character from the Halo series.

“It was phenomenal just to hear my number being called out. Sorry I’m all out of breath. It takes a lot out of me. It’s at least 120 degrees inside this right now. But it’s wonderful to win,” says Sylvia.

Boston Comic Con was supposed to happen the weekend after the Boston Marathon, but was re-scheduled to this Saturday and Sunday at the Seaport World Trade Center.

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