BOSTON (CBS) — Aaron Hernandez is in jail, Rob Gronkowski is on the mend from several surgeries, and the Patriots need a tight end.

Enter Tim Tebow?

While the presence of the 6-foot-3, 236-pound Tebow on the roster led to much speculation all summer that Bill Belichick could employ the quarterback in a pass-catching role, it was unclear if the Patriots would go that route. After all, Tebow has exactly zero career receptions in his three-year NFL career and four-year college career at Florida.

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Yet on the first day of practice, Tebow did indeed catch some passes in drills, something neither Tom Brady or Ryan Mallett did. He also lined up with running backs and receivers for one non-contact tackling drill, according to NFL Network’s Albert Breer. It could be an indication that the Patriots might use Tebow in some pass-catching role in some capacity, or it could mean nothing at all, other than Belichick messing with everybody.

The head coach did speak before the practice session, and he would not say whether the Patriots would solely use Tebow as a quarterback.

“I think that we’ll use Tim wherever we feel like he’s best for the team and I know that’s what he’s committed to doing as well, whatever that is,” Belichick said.

After the practice, Tebow shared a similar message.

“I’m going to do what coach asks me to do,” Tebow said, while noting that he’s only been in quarterback meetings thus far.

Tebow also had praise for the starting quarterback of the team.

“He’s one of the best of all time,” Tebow said of Tom Brady. “You get to watch it, you get to sit in the meetings with him, talk to him …You pick up a lot of good things, a lot of good traits.”

So will the Patriots eventually use Tebow as a tight end this season? Let the speculation continue.

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