BOSTON (CBS) – When it comes to saving, not spending money is the preferred way to save. But most of us do have to buy stuff, so try to save on everything you buy. Today’s segment will be about saving money in your garden. Some doable and practical and some not so practical.

#27 Keep Deer Away: Pouring or spraying a “rotten egg” cocktail around your plants will keep deer from eating them. Just mix six raw eggs in two gallons of water and let it sit outside for a week. The smell with keep Bambi at bay.

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Dee: The neighbors will also complain about the smell and the flies and other nasty creatures that are attracted to the foul smelling concoction. Consider hanging hotel size bars of soap. Deer don’t like the smell and your neighbors won’t complain.

#30: Bye-bye Weeds: Spread several layers of newspapers on the soil before you mulch.

Dee: It is a good idea. Blocks the weeds and helps water retention

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#31: Avoid expensive and toxic weed killers by dousing weeds with scalding water left over after boiling potatoes or pasta.

Dee: This is so not practical! After all of this rain I have more weeds than flowers. I cannot imagine carrying a pot of scalding water thru the house, the garage and outside to try and be selective as to what I am pouring it on. And one pot of pasta water will never be enough to make a difference in the weeds I have.

#32: Most weeds can also be killed with an inexpensive and eco-friendly spray made from one gallon of white distilled vinegar mixed with 1 ounce of liquid soap.

Dee: Vinegar is an acid, not strong but still an acid. It can also stain things like brick walks. Weeding by hand does still have some merit!

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That’s a wrap for this week but to read more check out 99 Great Ways to Save to see all of this year’s tips.