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Felger and Marc Bertrand were joined by Jermaine Wiggins and the guys opened the show talking about the New England Patriots. Should the Pats release Alfonzo Dennard? How will Bill Belichick handle the off-season controversies? How should Belichick handle it? Finally, the guys discussed the cover of the August issue of Rolling Stone Magazine.

In Hour 2 of Felger and Massarotti, the guys continued to discuss the Pats and how they will handle all the off-field issues. Also, on a Wiggy Wednesday, the guys play 10 Questions with Wiggy. The guys continued to talk about the Patriots before wrapping up the hour by taking the fans questions for Jermaine Wiggins.

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During Hour 3, Felger and Bertrand talked about last night’s MLB All Star Game. The American League clinced home-field advantage in the World Series with a 3-0 win over the National League. In his final All Star Game appearance, Mariano Rivera earned the All Star M.V.P. by pitching a perfect 8th inning. Did the television ratings improve compared to previous years? Also, Felger and Marc react to the Rolling Stone magazine cover.

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In the fourth and final hour, Felger and Bertrand discussed MLB and the Biogenesis scandal. MLB may wait until the 2014 season to hand out suspensions. Shouldn’t clean players be upset that suspensions may be delayed? Would Felger wrestle a shark on the beaches of Nantucket? Finally, it’s The Final Word with Joe Murray.

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