BOSTON (CBS) — Moving on from a city is never easy for a player, and that’s especially the case for Andrew Ference and the city of Boston.

In his seven seasons in Boston, Ference became ingrained not only in the Bruins but also in the community. Though he’s now a member of the Edmonton Oilers, Ference isn’t hiding his feelings toward Boston.

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“Nothing but the best memories,” Ference told Rich Keefe on The Adam Jones Show on Tuesday night. “Incredible, incredible hockey memories and probably even more special than that is the people and the friends that we met outside of hockey. That’s life – lifelong friends and lifelong people that are going to be special with us forever. So I think there’s no shortage of love for that city and I kind of wear my emotions on my sleeve when it comes to that, because it’s a special place and we did a lot of special things there.”

Ference also was asked to tell us something about the reserved Claude Julien that most people may not know.

“I think that he respects Bill Belichick a lot, and us as players have kind of taken the same thing, where we don’t get too caught up in what’s written or what’s said,” Ference said. “He’s been an absolutely fantastic coach to me and my teammates. He’s a guy that’s extremely honest and will hold guys accountable and there’s not a whole lot of gray area. I think it’s been a big thing of our success over the last six years was everybody had a very defined role and very clear expectations of what was demanded.

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“He kind of really walked that line of being the authority figure but also being extremely respectful to us as people and as players, and not just being the guy that walks around and screams and yells and doesn’t get the human element of it as well.

“I have a tremendous amount of respect for him. He was a really wonderful coach.”

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Ference was also asked about the stories of Tyler Seguin and his love for the nightlife. Ference said that all players stayed in a hotel during the playoffs, and that most of the Seguin stories are a bit exaggerated.

“Everybody had a good time together at certain times,” Ference said. “Obviously being one of the single guys, he had other times when he went out and whatnot and had a good time, but I think a lot of the stuff was definitely overblown in some cases. And in other cases he’ll probably be the first to admit … like any of us that were that age, he still has some more growing up to do. That’s fine. I think you take some of the stories with a grain of salt, because unless our heads were completely buried in the sand, we sure didn’t see some of the stuff that came out.”

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