BOSTON (CBS) – Boston Fire Department officials say about 200 firefighters from the department are currently in Prescott, Ariz., helping plan Tuesday’s memorial service and multiple funerals for the firefighters killed in the line of duty while battling a major wildfire on June 30.

The Boston firefighters are working alongside officials from Prescott, firefighters from New York, Phoenix, Tucson, Houston and many other cities. The Red Cross, Salvation Army and U.S. Forest Service are also on hand playing key roles in the planning.

As the people of Prescott grieve the loss of 19 firefighters, Boston FD reports they have received nothing but displays of kindness from the city, and thank them for their great sacrifice.

A 20-member crew of Arizona Granite Mountain Hotshots were battling a wildfire in Yarnell, Ariz., on June 30 when the wind changed and redirected the intense flames at their position. Only the unit’s lookout, who was stationed on a nearby hilltop, survived the disaster.

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