Kingston (CBS) – Two handicapped adults wound up in the hospital after being left alone in a van for hours on Friday as outside temperatures climbed into the nineties.

Habilitation Assistance Corporation, a company that provides transportation and daycare for mentally and physically handicapped people, says around 10:30 a.m., the driver picked up the two wheelchair-bound people from a nursing home, and brought them back to Habitation’s facility.

The driver parked the van and went inside, leaving the two passengers in the back.

“It appears as though two were left in the van for a few hours,” Mike Eddy of Habilitation said. “(It’s) certainly an unfortunate horrible event and it’s currently under investigation.”

Hours later, when they were discovered in the van, paramedics were immediately called.

Both victims were hospitalized at Jordan Hospital, but were released Friday night.

The driver has been suspended.

It’s unclear whether police had been informed about the incident.

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