BOSTON (CBS) – How many reasons have you been given to not vote today?

Let us count the ways.

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Way back in December, you’ll recall Ed Markey’s endorsement by various party bigwigs was supposed to relieve Democratic primary voters of having to make a choice, until Steve Lynch spoiled that plan.

Then after Scott Brown, Bill Weld, Kerry Healey and other retired GOP Hall of Famers all passed on running, the leftover Republicans were said to be… leftovers.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

Since the primaries, we’ve heard that the Gomez-Markey race lacked spark, wit, passion, charisma, meaning, interest, and, ultimately, the need for you to help decide it.

And in the final hours, the final argument against voter turnout – golly it’s hot out! How could anyone even consider braving the humidity to cast their ballot?

There may have been some truth in all of that. But now the day is here, and there really is no good reason for not voting.

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Whatever their flaws, both candidates seem perfectly competent to serve in the Senate. And it does make a difference which one we send down there.

Markey has made it clear he would be a reliable vote for an expansive government agenda. Gomez pledges allegiance to fiscal conservatism. That contrast offers voters a chance to make policy for the future, a pretty important vote, I’d say.

And yet the conventional wisdom is that this is a nothing-burger vote that can easily be ignored.

I don’t get that. It’s an especially important vote to make.

It’s a safe guess there won’t be long lines. Why not hydrate properly and get out and vote?

That is, if you think democracy is worth breaking a sweat over.

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