With the Bruins fresh off their 2-0 victory in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final, team president Cam Neely joined Felger and Massarotti.

The Bruins are a team that’s occasionally suffered through bouts of mediocrity, including one that came as close as possible to ending their season in the first round. However, since that Game 7 comeback, the Bruins have been nearly unstoppable. So how does the team elevate its game so dramatically and for so long?

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“I think it has to do with experience of really understanding what we did in the past and how we accomplished what we did, to the present and saying, ‘OK, this is what we need to do,'” Neely said. “In the shorter timeframe like the playoffs are, I think it’s a little easier to understand and focus on what you need to do than it is over the course of an 82-game schedule and be able to dial that in game after game after game.

“Right now, the end is right in front of us, and we’re staring at it. When you get to the third round and the Finals, you know what’s in front of you a little bit more than when you’re looking at Game 41 of the regular season, for example.”

Neely was also asked on what makes Patrice Bergeron so special.

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“Just his drive to be the best player that he can be, which is one of the best in the game,” Neely said of Bergeron. “His attention to detail all over the ice is pretty special. There’s not many players that are as good defensively as they are offensively, and Patrice is one of those guys. He’s a leader by example, he will speak up when he feels he needs to but Patrice certainly leads by example and goes out there and shows everybody how it’s done.”

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Neely also discussed Nathan Horton’s injury, the poor ice quality in Game in Boston and how the Bruins have been able to thus far shut down some of the most talented offensive players in the sport.

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