By Paul Burton, WBZ-TVBy Paul Burton

ASHBURNHAM (CBS) – A fawn under attack by a fisher cat was rescued by an Ashburnham resident who heard the baby deer cry for help.

“I grabbed a stick and the fisher cat ran away. Then I saw the fawn laying in the ferns bleeding all over his neck,” Craig Snay said.

Craig quickly picked up the injured fawn and brought him into his garage. He placed a blanket around the baby deer and fed him milk from a baby bottle.

“He was in shock and very cold. He didn’t move much,” Snay said.

Craig then reached out on Facebook and that’s when animal lover Maggie Anderson came to help. They both reached out to wildlife agencies who told them the fawn would most likely be euthanized. That’s when the two decided to nurse the fawn back to health on their own.

The next day they released the fawn back into the wild where he connected with his mother.

“For me it was actually pretty sad to see him go,” Maggie said.

Both were happy that the fawn did not have to be euthanized.

“I feel good and in the end we did the right thing and the fawn is back with his mother,” Snay said.

Paul Burton


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