The Bruins couldn’t hold on to a two goal lead in the third and the Blackhawks knotted the score, which led to three overtime periods before a winner was determined. The Blackhawks knocked one past Tuukka Rask and took the 1-0 lead in the series.

Felger & Mazz were at the game in Chicago and have a ton of thoughts on how the game went. Mazz give a lot of credit to the Chicago Blackhawks for the way they played.

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“This is the best team they have faced all season long,” Mazz said. “Watching that game last night I thought ,save for seven or eight minutes at the end of the first period where I thought the Bruins carried the play there. The rest of regulation, I thought the Blackhawks dominated the play…dominated is too strong a word, carried the play, controlled the puck.”

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The guys discuss that how a game like this is tough to get over, but if a team is worth anything they’ll find a way to bounce back. How can they hope to win this series?

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Mazz believes that the Bruins need to grind this series out and wear this Chicago team down as the series goes on. This could end up going six or seven games, but it’ll benefit the Bruins more if it does.