There are places on this planet that are less desirable, according to the local news, and some are even in this country. Places where crazy or weird news stories seem to be the norm.

So Toucher & Rich are doing their due diligence to warn you about these “Armpits of America.” Rich will give a short description of a real news story, and it’s your job to guess where the story came from.

The first story featured a woman who pulled a knife because she was very unhappy that her husband made her leave the rodeo early. Luckily an ex talked her down and she put the knife down, but she still attacked her husband and injured him by biting his genitals. Where did this story take place?

The second story involved a woman calling police about a stolen box of Pop-Tarts. She fingered her son as the suspect and the authorities placed her son under juvenile arrest for the crime. Where did this weird story take place?

Last up was a guy arrested for a DUI, but he wasn’t driving a car. This man drove to his friend’s house on his lawnmower and after drinking a few beers and smoking a bit of marijuana he jumped back on his mower to head home. A sheriff’s deputy passed him and noticed the mower swerving back and forth. The kicker is his mother was called to pick him up from jail. Where did this story take place?


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