BELCHERTOWN (CBS) – Shortly after midnight Tuesday, seven people were caught trespassing at the Quabbin Reservoir.

State Police say the five men and two women are from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore, and “cited their education and career interests” for being in the area. The men told police they were chemical engineers and recent college graduates.

Update: No Connection To Criminal Groups

The Quabbin, in Belchertown, is one of the country’s largest man-made public water supplies. Boston’s drinking water comes from the Quabbin and the Wachusett Reservoirs.

State Police say there were no warrants or advisories on any of the individuals and “there was no evidence that the seven were committing any crime beyond the trespassing.”

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All seven were allowed to leave and will be summonsed to court for trespassing. The FBI is investigating and routine checks of public water supplies have been increased following the incident.

The seven individuals currently live in Amherst, Cambridge, Sunderland, Northampton and New York City. Police have not released their names because a court date has not been set.

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  1. Mark says:

    Seven individuals from known terrorist states, all living in different places, all “chemical major graduates”, decide to converge on a public water supply AT MIDNIGHT – And Elmer Fudd and his keystone cops don’t find that the least bit suspicious and odd to warrant arresting and holding these FOREIGN ALIENS. People get arrested all the time for tresspassing, especially on sensitive security zone locations!!!

    People’s identities are published all the time for minor offenses – But the identities of these potential terrorist espionage agents are not published.

    The Saudi terrorist, linked to the Boston bombing, and directly connected to Obama and the WH, protected and helped to escape back to Saudi Arabia. Getting the real picture now? Our very government is CLEARLY complicit and part of the war against the American Constitutional Republic and the People. They cannot declare ignorance and feign such stupidity and criminal negligence on this.

  2. Deb says:

    Yep, and these 7 have no connection whatsoever to Boston Marathon bombers or Al Qaeda. Tsnaerav brothers were “lone wolf” terrorists. Its a coincidence that a NJ man made IEDs for NY just fun; and that Canadian Al Qaeda planned to bomb NY bound train, and that Tnaerav men after bombing Boston was also headed to NY all at same time. 2 Detroit arab men & Hawaiin were carrying pressure cookers this week. Also its just a coincidence that an ex CIA nephew in NH threatened a bioterrorist attack on NHTI in 2009 while hanging w/ hookers in Revere, MA, Alere Medical New Bedford, MA and Watertown, MA.

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