A Blog by Gary LaPierre

Don’t you find it amazing….and amusing…..how silent the BHO supporters have become in recent weeks?   Hell,  it’s almost as if all my lefty loony friends have gone underground with regard to what’s going on around the world right now.  In fact, BHO himself is maintaining an incredibly quiet demeanor except for an occasional campaign-style stopover (as his staff describes it) to tout something totally irrelevant to what’s happening with this country.     Except for his election wins, which definitely prove you can’t underestimate the intelligence of the average American voter, this guy has lost every battle he’s started and now, even the one fight he did win, Obama care, is coming back to bite him in the behind.

Having said all that, I just wish the teflon on my pots and pans was half as effective as it is on this guy, but I’m beginning to see some cracks and I’m feeling quite certain right now, our community organizer from the South side of Chicago is losing his grip…and it’s not going to be pretty.  Benghazi for one.   What a disgrace.  Oh I don’t think anybody is going down with this one, probably not even Hillary because as I’ve stated many times, the public has the attention span of an ant.   But a pure and intentional cover-up of how and why four Americans, including a U.S. Ambassador got slaughtered by terrorists cannot be denied.   Even that weasel Jay Carney couldn’t squirm out of that one.    And speaking of Carney squirming, did you see or hear his handling of the IRS debacle?   That was a made for prime-time take-down of the BHO spokesman and BHO fans…..what have you got to say about this one.  (Where’s that cat?)   Not only did the Internal Revenue Service admit to profiling Republican and right-wing organizations, they actually apologized for this disgusting demonstration and folks………get this……….as if the IRS doesn’t have the clout to inflict enough pain and suffering in our lives….with virtual access to our shorts……this is the independent (what a joke) government agency that will be administering Obama Care.  The access to our shorts is no longer virtual kids…..it’s actual…..    Our health and medical lives put into the hands of the IRS starting next year after it confessed to snooping into organizations such as the Tea Party with billions of taxpayers dollars footing the bill.

“Call now!!!”    Oh, cancel that…….“Wait there’s more!   I just heard the Justice Department, another apparent political wing of the BHO administration, has been accused of an unprecedented intrusion into the news gathering policies of Associated Press, secretly confiscating telephone records of AP journalists.   This one is huge…..I mean huge….and BHO fans, I for one am going to enjoy watching the carnage.