By Michelle Roberts, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – For runners, Marathon Sports has always been a place to stop in.

Now, people from around the world are gathering out front to take a moment or a picture.

For others, the open door sends a message of strength.

“When you think back on the loss of lives and the people who have been damaged because of this senseless tragedy, you feel sorry for everyone,” shopper Bruce Cotta said.

Cotta was a medic in Vietnam and said he’s seen a lot of death and destruction in his life.

“When you see what’s going on now and how people are rallying around Boston, you feel so confident in humanity.”

Colin Peddie is the store owner.

Marathon Sports was surrounded by crime tape on what are usually the best business days of the year. Instead of sales, he’s now focused on recovery.

“I just jumped from a very fast treadmill to a very, very fast treadmill. It’s been that way since Marathon Monday,” Peddie said.

Peddie said despite that, he is happy to be open again.

“I’m still shocked by it all,” he said. “We’re recovering nicely though.”

Since Boylston Street re-opened to the public this week, marathon gear has been flying off his shelves. The gear now has a different meaning, Peddie said.

What does Boston Strong mean to Peddie?

“It means resilience, resolve, it means no one person or people will take the city of Boston down,” Peddie said.


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