A Blog by Gary LaPierre

I’m not proud to say I’ve dropped more than a few of those bombs myself, but the Big Papi disgusting utterances at Fenway Park the other day are beyond a minor slip of the tongue.   It suggests our former hero has gotta be brain-dead when he can drop  that kind of language in front of thousands and thousands of men, women and children right there at the park……small hero worshiping children….to say nothing of millions more on national television.  That was disgusting Mr. Ortiz….and yes, you should be ashamed.   And one of the most shameful parts of my ranting today is the newspaper columnists, radio and television commentators and people in high places who are just chuckling about it saying…”go for it Big Papi!!!”

I heard one nationally syndicated talk show guy today…..yuckin’ in up about the Ortiz garbage mouth saying….and I quote…..”that had to have been one of the most appropriate and timely uses of the F-Bomb I’ve ever heard in my life.” He loved it!!!!

And get a load of this…….the FCC, yes the freekin’ Federal Communications Commission immediately gave Ortiz a pass….plus a free pass for every broadcast outlet that let the “bomb” fly without bleeping it.

In front of little old ladies, little kids, the Police Commissioner, the Governor and my sensitive ears, 36,000 people at Fenway Park give a standing ovation  cheers and applause to an F-Bomb.   Oh, how times have changed.