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There is nothing in the Second Amendment about proving the need to bear arms. I believe that Massachusetts’ gun laws are in direct conflict with the United States Constitution, which specifically mentions a right to keep and bear arms.

Tonight at 10pm Steve Hathaway, owner of Mass Firearms School, joins Jay Talking in studio to tell us about the challenges facing citizens who try to get a handgun carry permit. He will also detail what the firearms carry rules are in Massachusetts, as well as how they compare to the rules in other states.

Jay Talking will address the question ‘If we have a Second Amendment right to bear a firearm, why must we demonstrate a need before we are allowed to carry?” Is it not our right to bear arms whether we need a gun or not?

Have you thought about getting a license to carry a concealed weapon in Massachusetts? The rules are very restrictive and if you break one, you could be in BIG trouble.


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