NEWBURY (CBS) – The ocean claimed another home on Plum Island Tuesday.

Crews spent the morning ripping a third house to shreds. Three more are slated to be torn down later in the week.

Newbury’s building inspector says as many as 40 Plum Island homes are in danger.

Jane Batchelder’s house is still standing. She’s waiting for the insurance adjuster to stop by.

Her home is covered during a storm but not if the damage is caused by erosion after the fact.

Batchelder says if it toppled over now, she wouldn’t get a dime.

“It’s awful, horrid. Every word you can think of,” she says.

The Batchelders bought their cottage home 20 years ago, next door to where the latest home to be demolished used to stand.

“It doesn’t speak well for the future,” Batchelder said.

Days after the storm, the police tape blocks the entrance to the beach and debris and sand still cover the streets.

The sound of destruction is louder than the ocean.

“You see your heart and soul being ripped out. It’s tough to see the ocean come in but to see a machine finish it off is brutal,” Batchelder said.


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