NEWBURY (CBS) –  Officials on Plum Island say another oceanfront home will be torn down Monday and several others could also come down in the coming days.

Demolitions were underway on Plum Island Saturday after the Atlantic Ocean claimed a second Plum Island home in as many days.

Another house was expected to be demolished Sunday but due to a problem securing a contractor, that demolition was pushed to Monday after high-tide.

“That will make it three homes that had to be demolished on Annapolis,” WBZ-TV’s Michael Rosenfield told WBZ NewsRadio 1030. “Attention now focuses on Fordham Way where four homes may have to come down at some point this week.”

Town officials will inspect the Fordham homes this week, and say at least three of them could end up being a total loss.

“We’re gonna have some engineers come in to take a look at it,” said Newbury Building Commissioner Sam Joslin. “My gut tells me that there’s not gonna be a way to save these homes so I think they’ll end up coming down.”

As of Sunday, 12 homes had lost occupancy rights though officials say that does not mean all 12 will have to come down.

The second home to come off its foundation on Annapolis Way succumbed to rising seas early Saturday morning.

On Friday, an oceanfront home collapsed under a barrage of waves and beach erosion.

No one was injured in either collapse.

A local state of emergency has been declared in the neighborhood. Parts of the beach and neighborhood have been temporarily declared off-limits, and the National Guard is on scene assessing the damage.


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