Gresh, Sean McAdam and Dan Shaughnessy were joined by CBS baseball insider Jon Heyman to hit on some baseball topics Tuesday afternoon. Topics ranged from the minuscule raise for Mike Trout, the idea of replay, and are baseball “experts” underrating the Orioles?

The Angels renewed the contract of star outfielder Mike Trout on Saturday for $510,000, a mere $20,000 above the major league minimum. This comes after a standout year for Trout where he won American League rookie of the year honors and finished second in voting for most valuable player. Is he significantly underpaid?

They also discussed the World Baseball Classic and whether real baseball people actually care about the tournament. How’s the replay experiment working out in the WBC and could the MLB be warming up to the idea? The guys also talked about how teams seem unenthusiastic about sending players to the WBC.

Plus, are baseball “experts” underrating the Orioles?