WOBURN (CBS) – Two psychiatrists with drastically differing expert opinions took the stand Monday in the Nate Fujita murder trial.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports

Fujita, 20, is charged with killing his ex-girlfriend Lauren Astley in July 2011.

The defense rested its case after the cross-examination of its mental health expert, Dr. Wade Myers.

Last Friday, Wade testified Fujita had a brief psychotic episode and was not responsible for the murder of Astley, because of a history of mental illness in his family and head injuries from high school football.

But during cross-examination Monday, Wade admitted Fujita was never diagnosed with a concussion due to football injuries.

Dr. Alison Fife of Tufts Medical Center then testified for the prosecution, saying she interviewed Fujita four times and determined that rage was the driving force behind the murder, not mental illness.

Defense attorney William Sullivan tried to discredit Fife, getting her to admit she didn’t videotape the interviews, even though the defense wanted them.

Closing arguments will be presented Tuesday.


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