By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Remember those good old Godzilla adversaries our favorite monster used to take on Saturday afternoons on TV?

Megaguirus… Hedorah…. Rodan… Orga…and who can forget Super Mechagodzilla!

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Listen to Jon’s commentary:

To that list of terrifying, made-up creatures, add Sequester, the fire-breathing across-the-board budget cuts created by the meltdown of Washington’s ability to behave like adults, now set to roar out of the Potomac and – to hear the president and his mouthpieces tell it – devour both the needy and the American way of life in a GOP-powered rampage across the countryside, beginning this Friday.

You’re hearing a lot about Sequester these days, and because some of our top elected officials are, with a straight face, issuing the most dire possible warnings about him, you may understandably be worried.

Let me try to reassure you, although what I have to say may not, in the end, be all that reassuring.

First off, the Sequester threat is being grossly exaggerated.

It would cut a tiny percentage of the federal budget, magnified a bit by the fact we’re well into the fiscal year, but tiny nonetheless.

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Half of the cuts would come out of the defense budget, which can and should be cut without crashing our homeland security or military-industrial complex.

Medicare will take a two percent cut, again, easily affordable without ugly repercussions for those who rely on it.

The tax increases the White House wants to avert this non-catastrophe? Some of them are tax-loophole-closings that even Republicans have endorsed, and there’s no reason those shouldn’t happen yesterday.

So, why is the sequester being hyped like it’s the poster boy for a creature double-feature?

Because the shallow partisans who populate Washington are doing what they do best – playing to their bases, and ideological posturing – instead of what they do worst: negotiating, compromising and governing.

Thanks ladies and gentlemen – for nothing.

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Jon Keller