A Blog by Gary LaPierre

Well, well, well…….Gasoline prices are up again….and once again, nobody seems to give a rats behind.   While Washington fiddles and Obama diddles and a couple of dozen knucklheads including RFK Jr., Daryl Hannah and the head of the green-freak  Sierra Club got arrested near the White House, gas prices are going up a little better than a penny a day.   Up…36-cents in the past month and who’s saying anything…..nobody…and I have to ask, “where’s the outrage?”     The dopes in Washington, about two dozen strong were protesting the Keystone XL pipeline which would bring oil from Canada to the refineries in Texas.   It would create more than 20-thousand job, bring millions of barrels of oil to this country, subsequently flooding the marketplace and reducing gas prices and still…..knuckleheads from Obama to Blade Runner protest.    According to the latest polls, nearly 70% of Americans favor the pipeline deal and only about 17% don’t want it, but the community organizer who became leader of the “free” world has said no-way….and the only ray of hope now is…..the union thugs who helped get him elected are lookin’ for the work and maybe……just maybe, they could get him to reverse his wrong decision.

The part that troubles me the most is the complacency of us motorists who have to stick that hose into the gas tank and watch it pour hundreds of dollars every week into the tank, just get us to work…or the grocery store.   We fought a little when the prices went up to $4 and above and sure enough, the prices dropped rather precipitously to the low $3’s.    But did we demand more?   Nope….and sure enough the prices started back up again, above $3.50…..now above $3.70 and what are we sheep saying?   “Well, at least it’s not back to $4.”      The foreign oil companies have got us right by the short hairs….right where they want us.     We’ve got all the resources we need and then some to be totally oil and energy independent in this country, in a very short period of time, but if we continue to listen to the likes of RFK Jr, Daryl Hannah and the Sierra Club we’re never going to get there and the final tally will be “Knuckleheads One…The Rest of Us (U.S.) Nothing.”

Not really related…..but sorta:   Do you think Senator Robert Menendez had sex with a prostitute in Central America?  It is her word against his, and to quote Syndicated Columnist Thomas Sowell….”when it comes to a prostitute’s word against a politicians word, that is too close to call.”