By Bobby Sisk, WBZ-TV

RAYMOND, NH (CBS) – A Raymond, New Hampshire family is desperate to find out who shot their dog, a black lab so badly injured they had to put her down. “Her name was Sable and she was roughly 11 years,” Kevin McGee said. McGee is a hunter and Sable was his companion in the woods. “She just loved to run and loved to be with me wherever I went.”

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Friday, McGee’s grandson came home from school around two in the afternoon. He found the back door open and Sable missing. “He actually went out back looking for her and out front and that’s when he noticed there was blood,” he said. The family followed a blood trail that led them to the middle of their street where they believe the dog was shot.

McGee raced home from work and rushed Sable to a nearby vet and then to an emergency hospital. But her injuries were too severe. “You can’t fathom what goes through a person’s mind that would do this so easily, you know,” said McGee.

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McGee first thought maybe someone broke into his home on Sesame Street in Raymond and Sable chased after them. He isn’t sure what happened and has no idea why someone would shoot Sable. He hopes whoever did it knows how much pain they’ve caused his family. “It makes you furious. It makes you mad. How can someone do this to your pet? Just somebody who is a part of your family,” he asked.

Police say the person responsible could face felony charges. Officers are asking for help from the public and say they will follow up on every lead. “I want justice. I want somebody to pay for this one,” McGee said. “I think everybody else does too.”

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If you have any information, you can call the Raymond Police Department at 603-895-4747.