By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV

HAMPTON, NH (CBS) – The television show “Parking Wars” has nothing on the town of Hampton, New Hampshire where a parking lot owner dumped a mountain of snow on top of several parking spots.

It has sparked talk of a lawsuit.

Some of the businesses at Depot Square accuse parking lot owner Stan Brown of plowing a huge amount of snow from the blizzard right onto the parking spots closest to their shops.

“I feel very disheartened that it comes down to this in my community,” says Cindy Willis, owner of Seacoast Florist.

Willis worries customers are staying away during the Valentine’s Day rush because the parking spots are covered.

The man hired to move the snow says he just did what he was told.

“I just do what Mr. Brown pays me to do,” said contractor Ken Lessard.

The lot owner, who could not be reached by cell phone today, has made an offer to remove the snow for $600.

“You can’t haul snow for nothing,” said Lessard.

Fearing the loss of customers, the businesses in the circular shopping center most affected by the huge snow pile even used food coloring to write “Save The Circle” in the snow.

“It’s really sad,” said Sue Piesik, owner of Kitchen at Depot Square. “It shouldn’t be this way in a small town.”

The business owners say they are consulting an attorney and are considering filing a lawsuit.

Town officials say they are not involved in the spat because it is happening on private property.


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