BOSTON (CBS) – I do think you can play cupid on the cheap this Valentine’s Day and still make it special.

Make a list of everyone that needs to be reminded how much they are loved. Then next to their name make another column of how much you want to spend or can afford to spend on each individual. To make it memorable it truly does not have to be expensive. Now add up your list. Can you afford to spend that much? If not try it my way this year.

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Saving money always means spending your time. A great way to tell those you love how much you love them is to do just that, tell them.

Write a poem or a special letter to everyone on that list. Tell them why they are loved and why you need them in your life. If you are desperate or it’s for the kids use the “roses are red, violets are blue” line, but if you can you want the real thing. Something from the heart.

If you can’t create your own poem, copy one of the classics. How Do I Love Thee, by Elizabeth Barrett Browning always melts my heart! One year when my husband and I were both students, I memorized the poem and recited it to him as my gift!

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There are websites that have her complete works if you don’t have one of her books.  Another resource is the Love Quotes Encyclopedia.

Tuck the poem or letter in your valentine’s lunch bag, backpack, handbag, brief case or coat pocket when they leave for work or school. Tape it to the bathroom mirror so they find it that morning. Put it on the dinner table that night. If the budget allows buy them a book of poetry but only if they are into poetry!

Another cheap idea; you have to eat that day so make the meals special. Add strawberries or raspberries to cereal in the morning. Serve cranberry juice because it’s red. Use your heart cookie cutter to create heart shaped pancakes, toast or sandwiches. Use the leftover red napkins from Christmas and stick them in the lunch bags.

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Have the kids make the centerpiece for the table using red construction paper. Have a red themed dinner. One year I served meatloaf with ketchup, pink mashed potatoes, beets, tomato salad and strawberry sorbet with heart shaped cookies the kids had made. The kids choose the menu. Hey, I still serve green mashed potatoes on St Patrick’s Day!