BOSTON (CBS) — Two years ago, Bobby Valentine was on ESPN. Last year, he managed the Boston Red Sox. This upcoming year, he may be … the athletic director of a small New England college?

That could be the case, as according to the Connecticut Post, Valentine is a candidate to fill the vacant role of athletic director at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Conn.

“Valentine, a Stamford native, visited the campus in Fairfield about two weeks ago, according to the source,” the report said.

It would certainly represent a rather bizarre change of career for Valentine, but then again, nothing about Bobby V could every be truly surprising.

The self-proclaimed inventor of the wrap, Valentine was fired by the Red Sox after one season in which the Red Sox compiled a 69-93 record, their worst record since 1965. The mercurial manager experienced (and caused) a decade’s worth of off-the-field drama in just one season in Boston, so the allure of a quiet New England college athletic program does make sense.


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