A Blog by Gary LaPierre

So…..are you happy with the way things are going in Washington, DC?   How ’bout the last four years….how did that work out for you?  It was an historic moment in this country when a guy named Barack Hussein Obama, with nothing on his resume became President of the United States.   I think I remarked at the time, “there’s no more chance of that happening, than a guy named Rudolph Giuliani ever occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”  I guess history so far shows I was half-right….at least for the moment.

So, away from the history books for a moment, the public clearly forgot or ignored the mistake it made four years ago and did it again.  We’re launching the second term for “worst performance by a President” in anyone’s memory and the Republican Party is still trying to figure out what the hell happened.   Better minds than mine will have to figure this out because God knows, there are dozens and dozens of reasons why this scenario came about and its going to take all of the next four years to figure it out.    It ain’t gonna be easy.  Alright now…..back to the top of the page:

What prompted this whole rant is the remarks of Retired General Colin Powell.  I’ve always had a lot of respect and admiration for Mr. Powell and he’s as confused as anyone as to what happened to “his” party……..the Republican Party.   He sure as hell didn’t help things much by endorsing the Democrat for President…..in fact I’m not sure he should continue to call himself a Republican.   Powell is correct when he says the Republican Party has got to “take a very hard look at itself and understand that the country has changed demographically, and if the party doesn’t change, it’s going to be in trouble.”  No kidding General……but here’s where you’re wrong;   The end result may be the same, granted, but the Republican Party did NOT shift to the right, I did not lean right…you leaned to the left…. the Dems, and perhaps the majority of voters shifted to the left.   The election of BHO was the sharpest left turn in American history and everything that has become a contentious  issue in the past decade was given life by this left turn.   From the nation’s defense to welfare handouts, from space exploration to free birth control pills, from gun control to gay marriage, from immigration law enforcement to food stamps, the folks leaning to the left won the day and the GOP has got to understand that, and deal with it.  But open your eyes, there has been no “significant shift to the right.”  None!