BOSTON (CBS) – A video of a moose chasing a skier out of his skis in Vermont has gone viral. The man who recorded the whole thing is from Upton, Massachusetts.

“At first it was just amazing to see a moose and then it started walking towards us and it went from amazing to scary pretty quick,” said Bill Applegate.

His whole life he’s been skiing but, Applegate had never seen a moose wander on to the slopes. That all changed during a recent trip to Sugarbush.

“The moose started walking toward him and put his head down and charged and we couldn’t believe it, thank God he can run fast,” said Applegate. “I’ve never seen anyone in ski boots run that fast in my life so good for him he got away.”

Instead of running into the woods, the moose began to wander up the slope. By this time, Applegate and his family were on the lift warning the skiers below.

“We started yelling from the chairlift to the skiers that they were skiing down into a moose which no one wants to ski into a moose that’s a bad day,” said Applegate.

Lots of people have seen the moose and Applegate guesses it was some kind of territorial thing.

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