By Bree Sison, WBZ-TVBy Bree Sison

BROCKTON (CBS) – An unattended candle may have ignited a three-alarm fire in a Brockton triple decker overnight where several puppies died.

“We could have very well had two of them [fires] going but crews did a good job under difficult circumstances,” Fire Chief Richard Francis told WBZ-TV.

Those circumstances included few hydrants on Parker Street, where the fire started around 11 p.m. Tuesday on the second floor of the triple decker. Parked cars also blocked fire trucks from easily accessing the home.

The American Red Cross says all 18 residents, including two children, were related. Everyone escaped safely, but the home is a loss.

Firefighters from Stoughton and West Bridgewater helped Brockton crews rescue a pit bull and half of her litter, but at least six of her puppies perished. Brockton Animal Control helped with removing the deceased dogs from the scene.

Power was out for the entire block until Wednesday morning.

Neighbors say the street turned frantic.

“I’m sitting there watching it all, praying no one gets hurt,” said Mike Calley who lives at the end of the street.

Calley awoke to sirens shortly after the fire began and watched from inside his home.

“It was chaotic,” said Calley. “There were people coming down here from other streets, getting in the police and firefighters’ way.”

Chief Francis says a man, whose bedroom was on the second floor, told them a candle may have lit the corner of his mattress on fire.

Once inside, firefighters agreed the unattended candle likely started the fire.


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