By Ken MacLeod, WBZ-TVBy Ken MacLeod

WORCESTER (CBS) – Kara Bilzerian played some cards at her mom’s place Friday afternoon to keep her mind off the nightmare that happened at her apartment across town.

“It was absolutely crazy,” says Kara. “I still can’t believe it happened, just nuts.”

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It was right after lunch on Thursday, when the bell rang at the back door of her Lincoln Village townhouse, and she opened it to find a masked man dressed all in black.

Kara described the attack. “He comes charging at me, strangles me, pushed me up against the wall, I try fighting back, he hits me over the head with a wooden baton,” she said.

Knocked silly for a second or two, Kara remembers feeling lucky her son, who is in a wheelchair, wasn’t home and decided she needed to fight back with all her might.

“I was able to knee him in the groin, and grabbed him by the back of his head and eye gouged him, completely, like my thumb was all the way in his eye,” she says.

The massage therapist then grabbed her bloodied, howling attacker and tossed him out the door over her son’s wheelchair ramp while launching one last verbal shot.

“I told him ‘you came to the wrong (expletive) house,’” she yelled.

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Police surmise it was supposed to be a burglary that went bad.

“As a result of her fighting back, he took off,” says Worcester Police Sgt. Kerry Hazelhurst.

Kara couldn’t see the guy’s face, but estimates he was roughly six feet tall and pushing 200 pounds.

She says, “I actually pretty much picked him up off the floor in my kitchen, and rammed him into the wall, and then right over the ramp.”

Kara is still on edge but she does believe there’s a lesson here.

“You just need to know, that you know, you can fight back, it’s your house,” she says.

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No arrests have been made.

Ken MacLeod