NEWTON (CBS) – Five Newton police officers have been punished for egging the home of a superior officer last month.

Framingham police responded to a report of teenagers throwing eggs at a house on Griffin Road December 11. The homeowner is a Newton police sergeant.

Police stopped a car with two off-duty Newton police officers inside, who admitted they egged the house saying it was only a prank.

Read: The Police Report

A third off-duty officer actually flagged down a Framingham police officer a short time later near the scene. According to the police report, the officer, who appeared intoxicated, said he had been with the other two officers. He was given a ride home.

A follow-up investigation showed a total of five officers were involved.

None of the officers have been identified and no charges were filed. After speaking with the sergeant whose house was egged, Framingham police said they would allow Newton police to handle the matter internally.

Newton’s interim police chief Howard Mintz would not say how the officers were disciplined.

“Any conduct or actions which are deemed to be unbecoming of any of our personnel even if its deemed to be a prank will not be tolerated by the chief and department,” Mintz said in a statement to WBZ-TV.

The eggs stained the home. The officers involved apologized and power washed their sergeant’s house. Neighbors say they can’t believe it.

“It seems pretty juvenile for police officers to be doing that,” Framingham resident Pat Buchman said.

“The overwhelming evidence was that it was a prank gone awry,” Chief Mintz said. “I don’t think he knew whether it was teenagers or his house was getting broken into. But he was troubled by it and was very disturbed when he found out the results.”

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton contributed to this report.

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