WINCHESTER (CBS) -A local dog missing for more than two years has been spotted but is still missing.

On Christmas Eve, a Winchester resident said a dog that looked like Marisol was seen running in his yard in the area of Winchester Hospital.

The latest sighting is in line with another credible sighting not far from where she was seen Monday.

Marisol went missing when she was out with her dog walker and six dogs having a play date in the Middlesex Fells Reservation. A pit bull charged out of the woods and lunged for Marisol. That’s when she took off.

Over the years, sightings have been reported in the areas adjacent to the Fells Reservation in Medford.

Volunteers stress that they don’t want people to go looking for Marisol.

Marisol is now considered feral and will run if there is increased activity in the area.

If you do see Marisol, volunteers ask you just call 781-334-8364. More information can be found on Find Marisol website.


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