BOSTON (CBS) – Could a Hollywood star be among the potential candidates if and when John Kerry’s Senate seat opens up?

It’s a political rarity, a major job up for grabs in a special election that allows incumbents to run without giving up their current seat.

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Several names have been mentioned, including Scott Brown, Mike Capuano, Ed Markey and Stephen Lynch.

But is it possible for a non-politician to compete in such a short time frame?

Absolutely, if they have some access to money and political connections.

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Believe it or not, one name I have heard tossed around is that of actor-director Ben Affleck, the pride of Cambridge, who’s been active in Democratic Party politics for more than a decade.

Go ahead and laugh if you want to, but keep in mind, anyone who’s over 30, a citizen, and able to get 10,000 certified signatures can enter this race.

And you don’t even have to be a legal resident of Massachusetts until Election Day.

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