By Beth Germano

BROOKLINE (CBS) – The town of Brookline is trying to figure out how to rid several of its neighborhoods of aggressive turkeys.

In a fiery meeting at the Brookline Police Station residents told tales of being terrorized by the aggressive birds.

“The dominant turkey flew up into my head, I crouched down to protect myself and he clawed me on my neck breaking my skin,” said resident Karen Halvorson who has had several run-ins with turkeys.

Residents talked in particular about three dominant male turkeys who are the most aggressive of the bunch.

“In the last three years I’ve been attacked four times,” said Halvorson’s husband Craig.

Mike Bruno, who delivers mail in the area says he’s attacked a couple times a week.

“I have to be quite aggressive to get them away. I usually pick up a stick and swing a stick at them. I can’t turn my back on them because they’ll come right after me,” he said.

Animal Control Officer Pierre Verrier is called to help residents on an almost daily basis, but because the turkeys are protected he’s unable to do much but shoo them away.

The town says it may seek permission to trap the birds and possibly euthanize them.

Beth Germano


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